Cadillac Tables

Increase the variety of exercises in your session and get a full-body workout with premium Cadillac tables.

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3 products

At Pilates Direct, we carry the best Cadillac tables in Australia for professional studios and home enthusiasts. Experience the impeccable performance of Cadillac trapeze tables sourced from renowned brands, including Pioneer Pilates, Kauffer Pilates and Motion Pilates. These trusted names are recognised for their products’ outstanding quality, durability and effectiveness.

With our quality products and expert guidance, Pilates Direct is committed to supporting your fitness goals. Whether you are just starting your Pilates journey or have been practising for years, expect our vast selection of Cadillac Pilates tables to meet diverse needs, budgets and skill levels.

Discover the best Cadillac tables in Australia and unlock a new dimension of movements and exercises to elevate your Pilates practice.

Benefits of investing in Cadillac trapeze tables

Whether you’re a studio owner or a dedicated home practitioner, discover the many benefits of investing in a Cadillac table.

Improved circulation

By using a Cadillac table, you activate and engage your core throughout every session. This leads to enhanced blood flow and circulation, improving cardiovascular health.

A more comprehensive range of exercises

A Cadillac Pilates table provides the platform and support necessary for invigorating upside-down movements. Users can expand their range of exercises and elevate their workouts.

Suitable for older users or those recovering from injuries

The Cadillac's elevated padded stationary platform provides a versatile exercise mat supporting different movements. Its design enables individuals with injuries or age-related limitations to comfortably sit, lie down and, most importantly, effortlessly rise from it.

Greater convenience

Investing in a Cadillac table empowers users to integrate a wide range of exercises and improve their Pilates routine wherever they may be.

Enhanced client experience

Make your studio more competitive by including Cadillac tables in your equipment lineup. By offering a wider range of equipment, you can enhance client satisfaction and attract more customers to your studio.

Shop high-quality Cadillac tables in Australia

Here are the reasons Pilates Direct is the leading choice for exceptional Cadillac tables in Australia:

  • Wide range of products for both personal and commercial use
  • Australia-wide shipping
  • Zip & Humm Pay instalments available
  • Commercial pricing and studio fit-outs
  • Unmatched customer support

We only source Pilates equipment from trusted manufacturers. From accessories to reformer machines and spine correctors, all our items are designed with durability, reliability and user safety in mind. Explore our extensive range of Pilates equipment today.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Cadillac features a raised bed with a canopy-like structure. It has various attachments, including straps, bars and springs, supporting a more comprehensive range of movements. On the other hand, the Reformer consists of a sliding carriage with adjustable springs and pulleys.

The Cadillac offers greater versatility for targeted muscle engagement, while the Reformer focuses on strengthening and lengthening muscles.

Not at all! While using a Cadillac may initially seem intimidating, proper guidance from a Pilates instructor can make the experience safer, easier and more rewarding. The device can also accommodate modifications and adaptations to suit practitioners of varying abilities and skill levels.

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