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Choosing the right Pilates Equipment for your studio is important to ensure your clients have an enjoyable experience and feel comfortable doing the workouts they know and love.

Pilates Direct is here to support your business requirements in supplying a high quality Pilates fitout for your gym, studio or clinic.

Pilates Direct to You

  • 1. Expert Consultation

    Not sure what equipment you need for your pilates studio? Speak to our team for a personalised business consultation and FREE quote.

  • 2. Delivery & Installation

    Pilates Direct offers full delivery and installation of equipment to take the stress out of starting your own Pilates Studio so you can start running your classes sooner!

  • 3. Warranty & Service

    Pilates Direct offers industry leading warranties and product aftercare on our full range of Reformers and Equipment.

The Full Commercial Range

  • Reformer Beds

  • Half Trapeze

  • Full Trapeze & Cadillac

  • Equipment & Accessories

Choose from our range of the best pilates studio reformer beds. Customise and adjust these beds to suit any customer along with footbar systems, headrests and guards depending on strength.

View the Range

Our half trapezes offer more for your customers and clients to work their body. Including the frame, jump board, padded platforms and sitting box, the half trapeze pilates reformer machine is build for ultimate performance.


As one of Australia's only suppliers of Pilates Reformer Full Trapeze machines, be sure we only provide the best for complete range motion and acrobatic movement. Our full trapezes are fully adjustable, silent and smooth with no bumps between rails.


Level up your clients and customers' pilates sessions with extra equipment and accessories like wunda chairs, rings, straps and balls. Ensure every piece is made to last.



  • "Working with Pilates Direct was a great experience. They were also available and Charlie did everything he could to get our reformer machines delivered cheaper than was being estimated."

    Taylor M. | Vida Pilates
  • "We love our reformer machines! They make the space look so beautiful and they work even better. Our customers love them, thank you!"

    Studio 40
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Elevate Your Studio or Gym with Commercial Pilates Reformers & Equipment

Looking for a Pilates reformer for your gym or a Pilates reformer for your studio? Discover the power of commercial Pilates reformers and equipment — the secret ingredient for offering your clients a world-class Pilates experience!

At Pilates Direct, we bring you a carefully curated selection of commercial Pilates machines and reformers designed to elevate your fitness facility to new heights.

Why Choose Commercial Pilates Reformers & Equipment?

If you’re striving to stand out in the competitive fitness industry, our commercial Pilates reformers are the answer. These top-of-the-line machines provide a wide range of exercises that target various muscle groups, offering your clients a comprehensive and effective workout experience. Elevate your studio or gym's offerings and attract fitness enthusiasts seeking Pilates excellence!

Quality and Durability

Our commercial Pilates machines are built to withstand the demands of a busy studio or gym. Crafted with precision and high-quality materials, they offer superior durability, ensuring they can withstand continuous use. Invest in commercial Pilates reformers for sale and experience the longevity and performance your fitness facility deserves.

Explore Our Range of Pilates Equipment & Accessories

Pilates Direct offers a wide range of Pilates reformers, equipment and accessories to enhance your fitness space further. Aside from commercial reformers, we also provide home-use ones for those looking to transform their health in the comfort of their own space.

Ready to transform your fitness facility into a Pilates haven? Contact us today. Our expert team is here to provide professional advice and help you choose the perfect Pilates solutions for your studio or gym.

Don't miss the opportunity to provide your clients with the best Pilates experience. Elevate your studio or gym with commercial Pilates machines from Pilates Direct. We're here to help you lead the way and set the bar for Pilates excellence!

Your Questions, Answered

How do I order commercial pilates machines?

With Pilates Direct, your pilates studio fitout has never been easier. View our range of pilates machines, equipment and accessories, then submit our contact form, call us on 02 7204 6900 or email us at to get started!

One of our service representatives will be in touch to work with you to choose and fitout everything pilates into your studio!

What kind of businesses does Pilates Direct work with?

If you need pilates machines, we work with you! Some of our clients are specifically only pilates reformer studios, but we also work with providing machines and equipment for exercise physiology or rehabilitation clinics, physiotherapty practices, gyms and more.

Contact us today and let Pilates Direct work with you to provide the best commercial pilates reformer machines in Australia!

What if I am not sure what machine suits my business?

We know how confusing and overwhelming it can be trying to understand which equipment you need and which will last. At Pilates Direct, our customer service team can work with you to understand your business needs and services in order to recommend the best pilates reformer machines for you, your clients and your budget.

Submit our contact form, call us on 02 7204 6900 or email us at to get started!

What is a commercial Pilates reformer?

A commercial Pilates reformer is a specialised Pilates machine designed for professional use in fitness centres, Pilates studios and gyms. It is built to withstand the rigours of frequent and heavy-duty usage, making it a durable and reliable piece of equipment for commercial settings.

How does a commercial Pilates reformer differ from a reformer designed for home use?

A commercial Pilates reformer differs from a reformer designed for home use in several ways. Commercial reformers are built with higher durability and quality standards to withstand the demands of professional environments. They often have enhanced features and are more robust, making them suitable for continuous use by multiple clients.

Is a commercial Pilates reformer suitable for professional Pilates studios and fitness centres?

Yes, a commercial Pilates reformer is highly suitable for professional Pilates studios and fitness centres. These reformers are specifically designed to meet the demands of such environments, offering the durability, performance and versatility required to serve a diverse clientele.

Can gym or studio reformers accommodate users of different heights and body sizes?

Our Pilates reformers for gyms and Pilates reformers for studios are designed with adjustable components to accommodate users of different heights and body sizes. Features like adjustable foot bars, headrests and carriage positions can be customised to ensure comfort and proper alignment for a wide range of clients.

What kind of warranty and customer support are typically offered with commercial reformers?

Warranty and customer support for commercial reformers can vary depending on the manufacturer and model. However, commercial-grade Pilates reformers often come with warranties that cover structural components, frames and parts. 

Customer support typically includes assistance with assembly, maintenance and repairs. It's essential to review the specific warranty and support details provided by the manufacturer when buying a commercial Pilates reformer to ensure comprehensive coverage and assistance. 

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