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Enhance your Pilates workouts and find high-quality Pilates accessories designed to provide a comfortable and effective session with Pilates Direct Australia. From Pilates rings and hand and foot straps to resistance bands, we have the largest collection of Pilates accessories in Australia to take your training to the next level.

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4 products

If you’re looking to refine your technique and execute your exercises with more precision, Pilates accessories can make all the difference in stretching your body and giving you a bigger range of resistance and support. Whether you’re a beginner or want to upgrade your at-home kit, discover the best Pilates accessories at Pilates Direct.

Train with greater focus with our collection of Pilates accessories online

Make your home your private Pilates studio and outfit your workout space with Pilates accessories equipment designed to hone your technique and help you easily surpass your fitness plateaus. From our Pilates rings, hand and foot straps, ropes and resistance bands — explore our complete range to find the equipment you can use alone or to complement your reformer machine.

Our Pilates accessories — designed to help you work out different muscle groups — will help you strengthen, tone and condition your body while improving your range of motion and flexibility. Whatever your fitness goals are, Pilates Direct offers an expansive selection of equipment to provide you with a high-quality express or long and intensive workout.

Shop the leading range of Pilates accessories in Australia at Pilates Direct today

Maximise your fitness and make moves with the best Pilates accessories in our online store. Available in different resistance settings and a form factor that delivers a more comfortable workout experience, you can achieve your dream body sooner with Pilates Direct. 

Discover our complete range, including standard and foldable reformer machines and get all your equipment and Pilates accessories delivered right at your doorstep anywhere across the country. 

Need some product recommendations or advice on how to use our equipment? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team — we’re always happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

While there are many types of accessories you can choose from, here are the most common that you’ll need to complement your workouts: 

  • Pilates ring — Also known as a magic circle, they are among the most commonly used Pilates accessories in Australia. As an integral part of any Pilates practice, they’re designed to strengthen and tone muscles in the arms, chest and legs by adding resistance and support to improve your mobility and endurance.
  • Hand and foot straps — Used in conjunction with a Pilates reformer, these are some of the best Pilates accessories you can use for a full-body workout. Securing your limbs in place for greater resistance, stability and support in exercises that require pulling, pushing or gripping movements, such as arm pulls and chest presses.
  • Ropes — Reformer ropes, straps or rises are designed to be used with your reformer to provide additional resistance, support and stability for various Pilates exercises. Whether you’re pulling, pushing or performing stretching movements, such as arm and leg exercises, back stretches and abdominal work — they can help improve muscle tone, strength and flexibility, as well as increase range of motion and overall fitness.
  • Resistance bands — Available in a range of resistance intensities to increase a variety of exercises in your workouts, these Pilates accessories are used for various exercises, including strength training and improving your flexibility and balance.

Anything you want and need! While you might want to start by practising your general form alone, you can slowly add Pilates accessories equipment to your routine to help perfect and hone your technique and achieve an improved fitness level and toned body.