Pilates Direct is your go-to source for top-notch Pilates parts and equipment in Australia. Whether you're creating a home fitness haven or setting up a commercial studio, our premium Pilates machines are crafted to elevate your fitness journey.

Experience impeccable craftsmanship and competitive prices with our curated selection featuring leading brands. Choose from foldable and compact reformers to trapeze towers, Wunda chairs, ladder barrels and more. Whatever your space requirements or fitness goals, we've got the perfect Pilates equipment for you.

Browse our products online and enjoy a stress-free delivery and installation service. Our Pilates equipment is suitable for beginners and seasoned pros. For custom orders, contact us now and get a free quote.

Discover Pilates equipment from trusted brands

  • Kauffer Pilates

  • Pioneer Pilates

  • Motion Pilates

  • Aero Pilates

Founded in 2011 in São José, Brazil, Kauffer is a leading manufacturer and seller of Pilates equipment. They've supplied thousands of studios in Brazil and exported to over 10 countries.


Pioneer Pilates reformers stand out for their cutting-edge designs, featuring a unique spring bar system that lets you reach new strength goals. This distinctive feature enables users to make minor adjustments to the spring tension for a slight boost in resistance. 


Motion Pilates has set a new benchmark for Pilates machines with its ergonomic designs and outstanding performance. Users can easily maximise their results and gain even greater control over their workouts. 


When it comes to portable Pilates reformers, AeroPilates is the ideal choice.

Their affordable exercise machines are perfect for those with limited studio space. The foldable design allows for easy relocation, offering flexibility in your workout space.

Complete Kauffer Pilates and Cadillac Table
Ladder Barrel by Pioneer Pilates on Pilates Direct
2nd Hand Aero Pilates XP610 Reformer - Pilates Direct

Shop the best Pilates machines in Australia

Invest in high-quality reformer machines designed to stand the test of time. At Pilates Direct, we not only provide industry-leading warranties but also offer flexible payment plans.

Shop top-notch Pilates accessories and equipment now, perfect for both home and commercial studios!


How do I choose the right Pilates brand for my fitness needs?

Consider various factors, such as versatility, portability and user-friendliness. Check whether you require extra Pilates accessories like ropes and resistance bands. Some brands offer comprehensive packages with these items for a more comfortable and effective workout experience.

Are there beginner-friendly Pilates equipment brands?

Several brands we stock feature reformer machines, an excellent choice for beginners. They enable you to advance at your own pace and gradually build strength. Pilates reformers also promote ideal posture and greater core stability while minimising the risk of injury.

Many beginners choose studio reformers and foldable reformers because they’re durable, ready to use and have plenty of adjustable features.

How much space do Pilates reformer machines take up?

Reformer models are usually about 240 cm long and 60 to 70 cm wide. Some can be folded or taken apart for simpler storage. Make sure to measure your space before buying to ensure a perfect fit.

How long does shipping take?

We're all about speedy service! Once you've placed your order, we'll do our best to dispatch it within one to two business days, assuming everything's in stock. 

If you're in NSW, ACT, VIC or QLD, expect to receive your order within two to three business days. For those in TAS, WA, and NT, your orders may arrive within four to seven business days.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs vary based on your address and are calculated during checkout.

At Pilates Direct, we're delighted to provide FREE Shipping to freight depots for orders above $1,000. Just opt for the PICK UP option at checkout and select your nearest freight depot from the list. 

If you need help locating a nearby depot, contact our friendly team at 02 7204 6900. We're here to provide you with a smooth and fast shopping experience.

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