Motion Pilates Reformers & Accessories

Elevate your Pilates routine with our extensive selection of Motion Pilates equipment, carefully curated to cater to practitioners of all levels. From innovative Motion Pilates reformers to essential accessories like hand and foot straps, ropes and boxes, Pilates Direct is your gateway to the best quality and versatility in Pilates.

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14 products


14 products

Motion Pilates reformers for practitioners of all fitness levels

Motion Pilates reformers are thoughtfully designed to accommodate individuals at different fitness levels. With adjustable resistance settings and features suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners, Motion Pilates machines ensure a versatile and effective Pilates experience.

Rest assured that all the Motion Pilates studio reformers and Cadillac tables in our range are crafted with precision using top-tier materials so you can experience a reliable and enduring platform for daily Pilates practice.

Versatility with Motion Pilates accessories and equipment

Discover a comprehensive collection of Motion Pilates accessories and equipment designed to enhance your Pilates workouts. From Pilates apparatuses like sitting boxes to barrels and chairs, each Motion Pilates piece is crafted with precision to cater to the diverse needs of every practitioner, providing you with the tools to improve your flexibility and strength beyond a Pilates reformer.

Our selection also includes a variety of accessories, such as ropes and hand and foot straps. You can also get everything you need from our convenient Motion Pilates studio packages that instantly equip you with Motion Pilates machines, accessories and more for a complete and effective Pilates studio.

Whether it’s a personal home studio or a professional fitness centre, our Motion Pilates reformers and accessories will provide unparalleled versatility and durability, ensuring a transformative Pilates experience.

Buy Motion Pilates today

Browse our catalogue of Pilates reformer machines and equipment, or explore the brands we carry for the best in Pilates, from Motion Pilates, Pioneer Pilates, Kauffer and more.

As your one-stop destination for Pilates equipment and accessories, Pilates Direct has got you covered with expert consultations, free quotations and product aftercare on our products. Shop with us today for unparalleled quality and versatility delivered directly to your doorstep — enjoy complimentary shipping and installations on orders over $600.


Motion Pilates offers a comprehensive range of Pilates equipment, including Motion Pilates reformers and accessories, like ropes and hand and foot straps. Their product line is designed to cater to various Pilates workouts, providing practitioners with a diverse selection to enhance their fitness routines

Yes, Motion Pilates reformers can accommodate individuals at different fitness levels. They often feature adjustable resistance settings and settings that cater to both beginners and advanced practitioners, ensuring a versatile and effective Pilates experience for everyone.

To determine the most suitable Motion Pilates reformer for your needs, consider factors such as your fitness level, space available and any specific features you want out of your Pilates reformer.

At Pilates Direct, we offer assistance through our customer support, allowing you to receive personalised recommendations and a free quotation based on your preferences and requirements. Contact us today and let our friendly team help you find the ideal Motion Pilates reformer to elevate your Pilates experience.

Yes, Pilates Direct provides financing options for Motion Pilates accessories and equipment purchases. Our customers can explore payment plans that make acquiring Motion Pilates products more accessible. For detailed information on financing options, including terms and conditions, refer to our payment plan FAQs or contact our team for more personalised assistance.