Pioneer Pilates Reformers & Accessories

Level up your Pilates routine with our selection of Pioneer Pilates reformers, accessories and more, all available at competitive prices on Pilates Direct. From the space-saving Pioneer Pilates metal foldable reformer to commercial-grade Pioneer Pilates machines, you’ll find the perfect equipment that will enhance your fitness journey and keep up with your evolving Pilates needs.

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12 products


12 products

Discover Pioneer Pilates

Step into a new era of Pilates with Pioneer Pilates — the brand that has set industry standards with a legacy marked by continuous improvement. By adapting traditional principles to modern design, Pioneer Pilates has consistently upheld a commitment to quality and excellence for years.

Pioneer Pilates is known for its innovative approach, designing equipment that caters to all fitness levels and offering adjustable resistance and settings. From the durable wooden and aluminium frames to the dynamic springbar and footbar components, quality is non-negotiable.

Whether it's through the versatility of trapeze reformers, the targeted support of spine correctors or the adaptability of boxes, our range of Pioneer Pilates accessories offers a tailored approach to practice, seamlessly integrating into your routine.

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Shop Pilates reformer machines and Pilates equipment at Pilates Direct — your ultimate destination for premium Pilates equipment. Explore the brands we carry for Pioneer Pilates, Motion Pilates, Kauffer and more to experience top-tier quality. Gain access to unmatched quality, convenience and services with Pilates Direct today and enjoy complimentary delivery and installation on orders over $600.


Pioneer Pilates is known for its innovative approach to Pilates reformers and equipment, combining traditional principles with modern design and functionality. Discover the Pioneer Pilates reformers and Pioneer Pilates accessories available at affordable prices with Pilates Direct — Australia's leading commercial Pilates reformer and equipment supplier.

Pioneer Pilates offers a range of equipment, including reformers, chairs, sitting boxes and other accessories designed to enhance the Pilates experience at home and in commercial settings.

Yes, Pioneer Pilates reformers are typically designed to cater to all fitness levels, with adjustable resistance and settings to accommodate beginners to advanced practitioners.

At Pilates Direct, we carry a wide range of Pioneer Pilates accessories, such as foldable reformers, trapeze reformers, spine correctors, boxes and more to customise and diversify your Pilates workouts.

Consider factors like your fitness level, space available and specific features you desire. You may contact Pioneer Pilates through our team or speak with our customer support for guidance on a personalised recommendation.

At Pilates Direct, we offer a warranty on Pioneer Pilates reformers and accessories accordingly:

  • Frames (wooden and aluminium) — 2-year warranty
  • Springbar, footbar and accessories — 1-year warranty
  • Reformer and equipment upholstery — 120 Days
  • Other reformer components and accessories — 1-year warranty

This warranty covers defective workmanship or materials, allowing for repairs or replacements as needed. It complements customers' rights under Australian Consumer Law.

Follow these steps for general maintenance:

  1. Wipe down the equipment with a damp cloth and mild detergent to remove sweat or dust after each use.
  2. When not in use, store the equipment in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight.
  3. For more in-depth maintenance and lubrication of moving parts, you may contact Pilates Direct.

More information on specific instructions and care for your Pioneer Pilates product may be found in the accompanying product manual.

Yes, Pilates Direct offers payment plans for Pioneer Pilates equipment. Learn more by reading our payment plan FAQs or contacting our team at to discuss financing options tailored to your needs.